HALTER brown with blue-green wrapping (like turquoise)

HALTER brown with blue-green wrapping (like turquoise)

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Handmade, knotless halter by Miguel from Spain

This work halter, which is ideal for floor work, impresses at first glance with its special color design, and at second glance with its special design and operation. By not using knots, there is no pressure on the sensitive horse's nose. In addition, there is the wider contact surface of the nose part (2.7cm), which results in good pressure distribution. Fine aids are precisely passed on to the bridge of the nose and neck. A sharp cutting and standing up of the hair on the horse's nose is deliberately avoided.

The diameter of the rope is 11mm and is therefore slightly thicker than standard rope halters. The rope thickness and the wrapped nose part lead to more stability, which we and many of our customers report positively. The nose circumference can be easily adjusted by moving the lower knot.

The matching rope with a standard length of around 3m can be ordered as an option. Also with a diameter of 11mm, it is very nice and easy to hold. The rope is intentionally designed so that the carabiner can be exchanged without any problems, so that the rope does not become unusable if the carabiner is defective. It is also possible to thread the rope into the halter eyelet without a carabiner.

The halters have no predetermined breaking point and should therefore not be used to tie up the horse.

Rope color

Nose part
wrapped in two colors in blue-green (like turquoise)

They are not comparable one to one with our German sizes.

    • PONY - suitable for small ponies such as mini shettys

    • ARABS - for horse breeds such as Icelanders or Arabs with a very narrow head and less pronounced ganash (otherwise size PRE) maximum nose circumference 49cm

    • PRE - so far suitable for 95% of our customers; PRE covers VB to WB; previous customers of this size had i.a. Haflingers, Spaniards, Lusitanos, warm-blooded animals, but also Icelanders and Arabs (see above); maximum nose circumference 56cm

    • PRE XXL - suitable for very large warm-blooded animals or very strong stallions

If you are unsure, please send us a photo of your horse. Then we can usually assess the size of your horse.


Halter: € 39.95
Knit: € 19.95

Delivery times
1-3 days, if in stock (after receipt of payment)

If we do not have the color combination in stock, we will include your order in the next bulk order and inform you of the approximate delivery time by email. We try to keep this as short as possible.