Common Questions

What do I do if the product doesn't fit or I like it?

No problem! You can return any product (custom-made items by prior arrangement) to us with a shipping company of your choice within 14 days, provided that the product was only worn to try it on like in a shop. As soon as the return has been checked for intactness, we will refund the purchase amount. 

Unless it is Not In the case of a partial return, we will also reimburse you for the shipping costs originally paid (within EU), so that you only bear 1x shipping costs (return). If you choose the PayPal payment method, there is also the option of having PayPal reimburse you for the return costs. You can find information about this on the page of Paypal.

The address in the case of a return is:

EQUIMONTA - Feyerabend & Kazan GbR

Zeisigweg 21

50829 Cologne


Which shoe size is right for me?

Our boots are big on the foot. Therefore, always choose the smaller size. In addition, the leather often expands after being worn for a short time and adapts to the individual foot shape piece by piece. If you have a lot of leeway right from the start, experience shows that there is a risk that the shoe will become too big for you in the long term. It could then flicker and cause bubbles.

Example 1: If you wear shoes in 39 and 40, we recommend our 39.

Example 2:  If you constantly wear 39, we recommend our 38.

If you are unsure, please write us a message and we will advise you individually. 


Should I perhaps order two sizes to try on?

You can of course do that and return the unsuitable product at your own expense. However, we offer you the following variant: Please contact us for size advice before ordering so that you only one size order. Does it fit? Excellent! If it doesn't fit, send the product back to us at your own expense and we will send you the right size at our expense. This is a service on our part to save you a new order and additional shipping costs for the new product.


Is there a size chart for shaft sizes?

So far there is unfortunately no table for the shaft width. A list with the respective shaft widths of the various sizes and models is in progress. You can find individual information on the shaft widths in the product description. Talk to us!


I have strong calves. Do you have something suitable?

Many of our customers need a slightly wider shaft. There are several options here.

  1. We have two great wide shaft boots: SARAH and COURIN.
    1. SARAH has an elastic shaft and offers at least 3cm clearance compared to our LAURA model. This boot is ideal if not only the calf but also your ankle area is strong.
    2. COURIN offers significantly more scope than SARAH thanks to a flexible leather tongue behind two buckles. This boot is only suitable if your ankle area is normal and only the calf is strong, because the zipper must be able to be closed.
  2. If you have fallen in love with another of our models, it is possible on request to have the shaft of this model widened 1-2 cm. We put the boot in a device overnight that widens the shaft a little. This does not fall within the scope of a custom-made product, but is possible as part of our customer service at no extra charge.


I would like a custom order. Is that possible?

We do not specialize in custom-made products.

A custom-made product in color (dark brown, light brown, black) and sole (coarse or fine rubber sole; leather sole) is possible without any problems for a manageable surcharge and 4-6 weeks of production time. A special production of the shaft is possible on individual request (specifying the model and maximum calf circumference).

The exchange or the return is not always guaranteed in the case of a custom-made product, but depends on whether we can sell the boot in the case of a return at one of our events. We can give you a binding statement in advance.


Which sole is suitable for which use?

We have three different soles in our range. The coarse and the fine rubber sole and the leather sole.

We personally like to wear the coarse rubber sole in the horse area (open stable), because it offers all the necessary advantages for our purposes. Great wearing comfort even on longer distances, grip on uneven ground and protection from penetrating moisture. The fine rubber sole looks a little more discreet with the same wearing comfort, but offers a little less slip resistance compared to the coarse sole. 

All three soles are suitable for riding with stirrups. Some customers report that they prefer the fine rubber sole to the coarse rubber sole for fear of getting caught in the stirrup. Others prefer the coarse rubber sole so as not to slip in the stirrup. It is therefore an individual decision based on taste.





Rubber sole

(coarse / fine)

· Very comfortable, elastic running feeling

· Extremely non-slip in the coarse version

· Very resistant to wetness and dirt

· Limited breathability

· No nsustainable and natural raw material

Leather sole

· Proven for centuries

· Great foot climate

· High quality and chic look

· Sustainable and natural raw material

· Water-resistant, but not permanently suitable for heavy rainy weather

· Not as slip-resistant as there is no profile


Is the color of the boots the same as in the pictures?

Since the leather is a natural product, the color is always slightly different. Our tan Boots are either monochrome or two-tone (in two different shades of brown). The cognac is also always a little different depending on the nature of the leather. Each pair is unique. If only a certain variant is suitable for you, please let us know in the order form and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


My boots have a light vertical stripe on the leather. Is that normal?

Yes. Unfortunately, it happens with Spanish boots across different manufacturers that they have a stripe on the leather. One more, the other less. We wanted to know why and whether this is unavoidable. It was explained to us and shown on site that the leather is placed around a template in a first production step so that the boot gets its shape. Since it is soft, flexible leather, it quickly takes on minimal color changes in this area. But no worry! The stripe disappears (almost) completely with use and care.


Do you have a shop where I can try on your products?

We exhibit our products across Germany at trade fairs and other horse-related events. You can find the latest information about the dates on our social media channels or on our website.

We don't have a store. However, it is possible to arrange a boot fitting with us in Cologne after consultation. Please note: our warehouse is located Not in our company address. 


I saw the same boot in a different shop at a different price. Why is that?

Valverde del Camino is not the brand of the manufacturer, but the name of a town in Huelva (Andalusia), in which countless boot manufacturers are located. This place is known for its Andalusian leather boots. All shoes that are made in this place bear the label Valverde del Camino, which only stands for the place of manufacture and no Represents seal of quality. Different manufacturers, types of leather, qualities and prices are hidden behind the same model, even though they often look identical at first glance.


An example of differences in quality: The soles of our boots are double welted and glued using the Goodyear method, which means they are extremely durable. Many manufacturers bypass this complex process and only glue the sole. This harbors the risk that this will come off after a short time.

We manufacture our boots in collaboration with a small factory in Valverde del Camino that has been making boots (almost exclusively) by hand for several generations. You can find more details in the "production".


Which hat size is right for me?

According to the manufacturer, the hat sizes correspond to the head circumference in cm. However, experience has shown that the right size always depends on the individual head shape. The different models are also slightly different. We are working on a size chart due to our growing experience.


Will the shipment take place immediately after ordering?

If the product is in stock, your order will be shipped immediately after receipt of the payment. It usually takes 1-3 days (DHL) until the goods are with you.

If the product is not in stock, you have to expect a waiting time of around 1-3 weeks. Either the product is already on its way from Spain to us, or we will include it in our current bulk order after you have placed your order. We would be happy to inform you personally about the delivery status.



Do you also deliver to Switzerland?


If you live in Switzerland, you can order our products at